Mt Seymour Ski Program

We are excited to bring back Dorothy Lynas ski/snowboard lessons for all ability levels for children in Grade 4 and above! 

How it works

  • Dates: Classes run for 4 weeks: Tuesdays Feb. 13th, 20th, 27th and Mar. 5th.
  • Pricing: 
    • Lesson, tickets and bus = $260
    • Rentals, lesson, tickets, and bus = $303.50
  • Schedule: Bus picks up kids ~3:15 at Dorothy Lynas school. Lessons will be 4:30-6:30. The bus will depart Mt Seymour at 6:45-7PM (depending on how long it takes to return rentals), arriving at Dorothy Lynas shortly after.
  • Passes: Students receive a complimentary Season Pass! If you have already paid for a Season Pass for your child, you will get a credit (e-gift card).  You can pick it up earlier in the season (date TBC).
  • Lessons: Students are grouped based on ability level. Experienced students will participate in a ski/ride-off with instructors at the start of the first visit. Groups minimum 5 maximum 8.
  • Equipment: Students requiring rentals will pick them up on the mountain each day before lessons. Students with their own gear will need to have someone bring their gear to school in time for the bus. There is no storage at school for skis/boots.
  • Limited availability: Maximum 35 skiers and 10 snowboarders. Minimum 25 students required.

How to register

Registration will be a two-step process. 

  • Step 1: We will open registration on the PAC website  on October 25th at 7am where you will sign up your child, select the relevant package and pay the fee. 
  • Step 2: Once you are registered and have completed payment you will be provided with a link to register with Mt Seymour (once the link is available) to ensure your child is registered for their season pass, lessons and any rentals.

Want to help?

We will need 2 chaperone volunteers each night or the program can’t run. Chaperones will receive a complimentary lift ticket and rental if required for the night. Chaperones do not have to ski if they don’t want to; however, they are required to check-in and provide their cellphone number in case of an on-hill emergency. Chaperones are expected to supervise students before and after lessons. This includes assisting with rental equipment. Please email Leonie Harper if you can help as a chaperone on one or all of the days.


Contact coordinator Leonie Harper if you have any questions.

Small Print – Mt Seymour Terms and Conditions

Lesson Registration

  • Students must register online (via the webform or store) by the registration deadline.
  • Students cannot withdraw unless they change schools or provide a doctor’s note.
  • After the registration deadline, additional students cannot register. We will do our best to accommodate new students to your school. Please contact us ASAP.
  • School supervisors supporting individual students during the lesson must know how to ski/snowboard.


  • Changes to the booking are based on availability. Please contact ASAP.
  • If you must cancel the visit(s), contact us ASAP. Refunds are on a case-by-case basis.
  • Registration changes (sport/ ability level/ rentals) are based on availability. Requests must be received at least three weeks prior to the (first) lesson.
  • Students who miss a lesson due to illness/injury are eligible for a refund with a doctor’s note.
  • Students who acquire their own gear after purchasing a lesson program with rentals are eligible for a refund of the rental.
  • Students who miss a lesson but do not provide a doctor’s note are eligible for a weekday lift ticket (with equipment rental, if purchased) to use during the 2023-24 season.
  • Attendance of all lessons is extremely important. Students registered in level 1 who miss the 1st/2nd lesson of a 3- or 4- day lesson program will be withdrawn from the remaining lessons. We will refund 3rd/4th lesson, including rentals.
  • There are no make-up lessons for missed lessons.

Inclement Weather

  • Mt Seymour is an alpine environment, and as such, weather can change quickly. Mt Seymour operates in all weather conditions, including when there is snow in the city. Resort closures will be posted on our website.
  • If a travel advisory is issued, or the resort is closed, we will offer to reschedule the visit. If a new date cannot be arranged, refunds will be provided for the canceled visit.
  • We will do our best to notify you about the possibility of snow in the city in advance and check whether your arranged transportation is willing to travel to Mt Seymour in such conditions. If your arranged transportation is unwilling to travel in the event of snow in the city, we will attempt to reschedule your visit.


  • Please check our website for daily weather and operational updates.
  • Only students listed on the final registration report can participate in lessons.
  • Chaperones and students must be made aware that terrain parks are off limits to students during the visit.
  • Typically, 8 students are grouped with one instructor. We do not have a minimum or maximum ratio.
  • Mt Seymour staff will group students. If you have any specific requests, please let us know before the first lesson.
  • 2 or more school chaperones must be on-hill and reachable by cell phone in case of emergency.
  • If you are late, your activity will end as scheduled.

Duty of Care

  • Is transferred to/from Mt Seymour ski/snowboard instructors and school supervisors.
  • During arrival, breaks, departure, “free skiing” or “extra time”, the duty of care for students remains with school chaperones.
  • “Free skiing” or “extra time” needs to be organized with Mt Seymour at the time of booking.
  • Mt Seymour ski/snowboard instructors will receive duty of care over students from an organizer’s supervisors at the start of an organized lesson.
  • Mt Seymour ski/snowboard instructors will return duty of care over students to an organizer and their supervisors at the end of an organized lesson.


A complimentary School Program Value Season Pass is offered to grade 4-8 students in a 4-day school lesson program.

  • Registration requires a Mt Seymour profile, and the guardian must sign a waiver.
  • Passes must be picked up at the Season Pass and Ticket Office on a non-lesson day.
  • If the 4-day lesson program is refunded (partially or fully), the Value Season Pass will be voided.
  • Students who have already purchased a Full or Value Season Pass, can apply for a credit (e-gift card) in the amount of a value season pass.
  • Students can upgrade to a Full Season Pass (+$190 for a child SP, +$390 for a youth SP, plus tax/fees)
  • Details and instructions will be sent to eligible students after registering for their lessons.

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