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As parents, we lead busy lives, and play many roles in them. We build families, households, careers, relationships. We plan, organize, and do stuff. We are tired!

Get involved in my child’s school? Another thing? Why would I do that?

Our children notice what we do, and the choices we make. How we choose to spend our time tells our children what we think is important. School is a huge part of our kids’ lives. When we get involved at Dorothy Lynas, our actions tell our child:

  • Your school deserves my time because you are important to me.
  • I want to get to know your teachers, your friends, and their families, because you are important to me.
  • Volunteering is valuable, and it’s fun!  Getting involved in stuff is a good choice.

When you get involved at Dorothy Lynas, you will meet all sorts of people and form lasting friendships that will remain long after your children have graduated and moved on in their school careers.

There are so many ways to get involved, suiting all interests and schedules.

  • Bring your kids to a spirit event.
  • Attend an evening PAC meeting and learn what’s going on.
  • Come to class for an hour and help the children practice their reading.
  • Participate in a grounds clean-up day on a sunny, crisp weekend morning.
  • Have an interest, a skill, or a mission in life? Bring it to Dorothy Lynas for a day, or a year, or long-term.
  • Help out with hot lunch distribution. Or just order hot lunches for your kids.
  • Be a class rep, and get to know your child’s teacher and the other parents from the class.
  • Help out on a field trip – drive or be a chaperone.
  • Dress up in a crazy costume when attending the Seycove Auction. Bid on something and take it home!
  • … and lots more.- On Hold

Volunteering at Dorothy Lynas is just plain fun, and it can also be incredibly rewarding. Come get to know your kids’ school and the people in it, and make it a great place. Get involved!

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PAC Meetings 2023/2024

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