Fun Food Days

Our Biggest Fundraiser for the school!


There are new procedures and food vendors this school year. PAC needs your help for Fun Food Days to run smoothly and be a success.

• Dorothy Lynas is a Zero Waste school. This means all packaging, containers, and waste from Thursday Lunch and Frozen Friday must come home with your child(ren) to be recycle, composted, or disposed of. We also ask you take a moment to remind your child they should be bringing everything home with them – and don’t forget to include a bag of lunch kit to bring the sticky stuff home

• if your child is sick or not at school, please don’t call the office about their lunch.

• If your child(ren) is not as school on Thursday for lunch and you would like to pick it up, please email [email protected] AND go to the school office. You can sign in/out at the office (or use the QR code) and be directed on where to pick up the lunch. 

You must email [email protected] to let volunteers know that they’ll be picking up. Otherwise it won’t be ready, & we often need to go track down where the food is, if the student volunteers don’t return with it

• All questions/comments/concerns should be addressed to [email protected], and NOT be directed to the school or to teachers.

• Please remind your child on Fun Food Day what they will be getting for lunch and if they do not receive the correct food, encourage them to speak up to the volunteers delivering the food, or to go to the sorting area (near the music room).


• Food orders are processed on the due date. Please ensure that your order is submitted online before 11:59 PM on the due date. Late orders will NOT be accepted.

• All orders need to be placed for individual students only. Please do NOT combine orders for multiple children.

• Revisions to the orders can be made up to eight days before each Fun Food Day.

• All sales are FINAL. Refunds CANNOT be provided. Any monetary amount that remains from revisions to your food orders will be applied to your Munch a Lunch account for the following school term.

Fun Food Days is a PAC fundraiser run by parent volunteers. We are always in need of more VOLUNTEERS! To help with Fun Food Days, please contact


Panago, WellFed, Sushi Katsu, COBS, White Spot and Subway

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