Class Reps


Becoming a Class Rep is a great opportunity to meet other parents, to get to know your child’s teacher, and to help enhance our school community.

Dorothy Lynas Class Reps play a key role in assisting the PAC to communicate information to the rest of the class to help enhance our school.

How do I get involved?

Ask your child’s teacher if she/he still needs a class rep, and volunteer to take on this role if it’s still available! Two or more parents can also share this role for a class, to divide up the effort, as long as they are able to work well together and can ensure that all tasks are taken care of. General responsibilities include:

Distribute and coordinate Teacher-requested communications of extra-curricular information including:

  • Scholastic order collection and processing (where applicable)
  • Extra Curricular information (i.e. need for class volunteers, drivers, scrapbooking and special day helpers, etc.)
  • Requests for extra class supplies
  • Home reading volunteer schedule
  • Class activities (i.e. parties, crafts)

Coordinate fun and social stuff for your class – recruit other parents to help!

  • Get to know the other class parents and act as a link to the PAC or the school administration, where needed.
  • Facilitate connections among parents in your class by circulating an approved class list with contact information that each parent has agreed to share with the other parents.

PAC communications and coordination:

  • Organize or delegate: Planning, collecting donations, and putting together Seycove Auction baskets, class activities or other PAC-related fundraising initiatives needing input or contributions from each class.

Teachers are responsible for

  • Communicating information that all parents need to know – encourage teachers to send out their own emails to the class, rather than distributing and receiving replies through you. Easier and faster for everyone!
  • Planning field trips, including the collection of money and making the driving list for the office
  • Maintaining class websitesA NOTE about Email communication
  • Blind copy (i.e. Bcc) recipients when sending emails to the whole class, to protect privacy – this is standard email etiquette.
  • Out of respect and privacy, emails should only go to caregivers based on an authorized class list which has been collected and provided by the PAC Executive. Class reps are not responsible for gathering emails and creating their own list (though many do).
  • Emails should only consist of content specifically relevant to the life of the class. This includes content provided by either the PAC Executive or the Classroom Teacher.

Class Rep Time Commitment:

  • A few hours per month
  • Varies at busy times

Ideally, the Class Rep is a good communicator with basic technology skills. With the support of school administrators and the PAC executive, Class Reps should have a good understanding of the policies and ethics of confidentiality, including:

  • Knowledge of School District 44’s Code of Conduct for parents
  • Signing the School District Confidentiality Declaration as per board policy 611

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