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Effective January 2017, reimbursement payments to volunteer parents, and to all DL staff, can be made with an electronic INTERAC transfer rather than by a cheque.  This is entirely a choice made by the recipient, through simply ticking a box on the standard Request for Reimbursement form – and providing an e-mail address.


Advantages and Features:

  1. The PAC does not need to manually prepare a cheque, and obtain two signatures;
  2. The recipient does not need to pick up and deposit a physical cheque; they can deposit their e-transfer from anywhere they can read email;
  3. The only information required by the PAC is the recipient’s e-mail address.  No other personal information such as a bank account number is ever revealed or disclosed.
  4. The recipient will receive an e-mail announcing the transfer – and is prompted to correctly answer, in one word, a password that is known only by the PAC treasurer and bookkeeper and by the recipient.  The same password can be used for all future transactions with the same individual.
  5. Once the password is answered, the recipient simply clicks on an icon of the appropriate financial institution with whom they deal, select “confirm” – and the funds are transferred immediately.  The recipient, of course, must have on line access to his or her bank or credit union account.
  6. An INTERAC transfer is controlled by the PAC and BlueShore Financial in the same way as a cheque.  Instead of two signatures, one authorized officer (usually the bookkeeper) creates the transfer request and another authorized officer (usually the treasurer) separately approves the transaction.  Both steps need to be completed before the transaction is completed and funds are transferred.



  1. None! The recipient will always have the option to receive payment by cheque as before.  They can opt into, and out of, the INTERAC method at any time, with each reimbursement request.
  2. Reimbursement requests and supporting receipts will still need to be submitted in paper form at the DL front desk. This is not a change from the current process, so nothing has been lost. At this point, we prefer to maintain paper records for audit purposes.


How to get reimbursed via INTERAC e-transfer:

Note that we have developed an updated Reimbursement Request Form with a line for the INTERAC option.  The new form is also better aligned with the account descriptions in our 2016/2017 Budget.  At the next opportunity please begin using the updated form.  Click the link above or below to view the PDF version of the form, and print it out at home.  Paper copies are also available in the red Treasurer’s folder at the Dorothy Lynas front desk.

  • If you do wish to participate, simply tick the “INTERAC” box on the line asking for “method of payment,” and provide your e-mail address.
  • If you do not wish to participate, tick the “Cheque” box on the line asking for “method of payment” and we will prepare a cheque.
  • Place the completed form with all receipts attached in the red Treasurer’s folder at the Dorothy Lynas front desk.


 Download the updated Reimbursement Request Form now.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to


Wayne Audette, PAC Treasurer 

Gracia (Grace) Niegos, PAC Bookkeeper