[mls_msg type=’warning’] TO BE LISTED IN THE 2018-19 DIRECTORY, YOU HAVE TO ENTER IN YOUR INFO VIA YOUR MUNCHALUNCH ACCOUNT. Directory data becomes outdated each year within MunchaLunch, so you need to resubmit it even if you already submitted last year. Also, any paper Directory form you may have filled out from the stack of forms that comes home with your child at the beginning of the school year is not used to create the DL Directory. The information on that form cannot be used, as no one can get into your MunchaLunch account but you, and that’s the only place to enter Directory info.  Thanks for participating!  [/mls_msg]


[mls_h3]Every year, we collect contact information that our families want to share with one another, and compile it into the Dorothy Lynas School Directory.[/mls_h3]

The Directory is then securely made available to our families to help connect with each other, plan playdates, birthday parties, social get-togethers, etc.

It’s a very useful and popular resource, and we hope everyone decides to participate, at least by providing the names of their children and which grades and divisions they’re in this year, so class lists in the directory are complete. Beyond that, please include any other contact information you feel comfortable providing within the Dorothy Lynas community!

[mls_h3]We attempt to make life easier for parents by collecting Directory contact info via MunchaLunch, in the same place, same time, and using the same account where parents order Hot Lunches for Fun Food Days.[/mls_h3]


  • You do not need to order hot lunch to add your information to the Directory.
  • You do not need to add your information to the Directory to order hot lunch.
  • But if you want to do either or both, then you need to log into your Munch a Lunch family account.


[mls_h3]An account!  How do I get an account? Or how do I log into the account I already have?[/mls_h3]

Munch a Hot Lunch


Directory info entry and updating will be open throughout the school year. (Unlike hot lunch ordering, which is only open during limited windows in September, December, and March.) 

The directory will be published once in the Fall, and there may or may not be updates published and made available later in the year (but your best bet to guarantee being included is to enter your directory info at the beginning of the school year).

[mls_h3]Ok, I have a Munch a Lunch account and I’m logged in. Now what?[/mls_h3]

In your Munch a Lunch account:

  • Under My Family  –> add your children and their divisions for 2017-18
  • Under Directory  –>  enter your family’s contact information for the Dorothy Lynas School Directory (only enter the info you’d like to share)
    • If you only want your child’s name included within their class list in the directory, but no other info, no problem. Just confirm your child and add their grade in the directory forms. You do not need to provide any parent, address, or phone number information to be listed in the directory.


[mls_msg type=’info’]Per the North Vancouver District PAC informed consent guidelines regarding the collection of personal information: We are asked to note that if personal information is physically stored in a server outside of Canada, the information may be subject to different laws. Data collected by MunchaLunch is stored in a secure cloud server and the data center is located in California. The information is never shared with third parties so no one has access to the data aside from the Dorothy Lynas administrators and the MunchaLunch support team. For more information, please refer to the MunchaLunch privacy policy.[/mls_msg]


The 2017-18 Dorothy Lynas directory (Spring 2018 draft #3, 3/26/2018) is available! 

Download (3/26/2018 version, sorted by Division and Grade, with kids listed by First Name)

Download (3/26/2018 version, sorted by Division and Grade, with kids listed by Last Name).  

As always, the directory document is password-protected.

  • The password is the same as last year’s, and is case-sensitive.
  • If you don’t know the password, and can’t get it by asking other DL parents, feel free to request it via the email address at the bottom of this page. Please include your name and your child’s name and teacher’s name in your request, so you can be identified as a Dorothy Lynas parent before the password is provided…

Please review this draft.

Is your child’s entry incorrect? Missing? Information was used exactly as entered within MunchaLunch. You can correct or add your family’s directory entry anytime during the year by logging in to MunchaLunch and following the instructions below.

Notice that many of the kids from your child’s class are not listed? Encourage their parents to add directory entries!


[mls_h3]I have questions. I have comments. I need help.[/mls_h3]

We probably have answers. Send an email to dorothylynasdirectory[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line “DL Directory Questions“, and we’ll do our best to help out. If you are requesting the Directory password, please provide your name, your child’s name, and your child’s teacher so your identity as a DL parent can be verified. Thanks!


(Sorry the contact form has been removed for now. It has not been behaving well lately, failing to send emails and losing people’s inquiries, so until the problem is fixed, it’s good old-fashioned email for your password requests! Or, talk to other experienced DL parents and ask them if they know the password…)


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