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Throughout the coming school year, the PAC Communications committee and the PAC Executive will be posting news and announcements and other important parent communications on this website, the Dorothy Lynas PAC blog.In the past, these communications used to be distributed through a network of class reps with class email lists, but this was sometimes unreliable, often slow, and always a lot of extra work for those doing the emailing.

No more! We have gone all 21st century at Dorothy Lynas. All news and announcements will be posted on this blog. At the time of posting, any parents who are subscribed to the blog via email (subscribe below) will get an email with the new post – no delay, no muss, no fuss. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still get all the latest news and information simply by visiting this website, and reading through the most recent posts, but you have to remember to check regularly.

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[mls_h2]What happens after I subscribe?[/mls_h2]

You will receive an email after submitting your email address, asking you to confirm your subscription to the Dorothy Lynas PAC blog (where the PAC will be posting news and announcements to communicate with parents throughout the school year). If your class rep from last year has already signed you up, they’ve saved you the email entering step:  you will have received the confirmation email, and all you have to do is click the link to confirm your subscription.

Once you are subscribed to the Dorothy Lynas PAC blog, you will receive an email whenever a new post is made to the blog. These posts will not be overly frequent, and will generally be timed to remind you of an event or deadline coming up shortly – you will want to get the emails when the posts are made.

That said, you can manage your subscription – if you grow weary of the emails, or move on or away from Dorothy Lynas, it’s always easy to unsubscribe (there will be a link in your subscription email, and in every email you receive after subscribing). If you are not subscribed, you will not get emails, but you can still see what’s been posted since the last time you visited by going to the News and Announcements page, where you will see all the posts we’ve made, most recent first.

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