WetCoast Naturals

Grade 7 Fundraiser! Ooh I ordered these over Christmas and they were so luxurious! Now all my kids want the bath bombs in the tub! It is still going! Please support our grade 7 Fundraiser.

Looking for that natural amazing pampering gift 🛀 check out Wet Coast Naturals!! DL fundraiser!!

Naturally made bath bombs and soaps from Wet Coast Naturals!

Use this code in the comment field in the shipping area of the cart “DLPAC2021” so our school can get 15% of the order!!!!

Super exciting! https://wetcoastnaturals.com/


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PAC Meetings 2021/2022

Monday January 17, 2022
Monday April 4, 2022
Monday June 6, 2022 (AGM)