Munchalunch Alert

A number of students and parents alike look forward to Fun Food Days or Hot Lunch as it’s been called.  Intermediate level students enjoy being part of the Dream Delivery Team…There is also FroYo Friday… And right about now on a Thursday, some of our very own DL parents are making their way to school as the Superstars of one of the PAC’s most popular fundraisers… 


Ordering for Spring Term 2020 Open!

Before you go off on Spring Break, think how much you will be looking forward to one less lunch to make a week when it’s over…. or how much your child might like a hot lunch once school is back on…. One-Less-Lunch-To-Make = MUNCHALUNCH at Dorothy Lynas!  Please see poster attached, and go to to place your Spring Term Orders! The first available order date is Thursday April 2, 2020 — which means you need to get your orders in 8 days in advance! So (order) what? Do the deed now, or, find a time during the break to decide, that’s what!

Munchalunch Alert

Munchalunch in 2020-2021?

FYI: Things could change significantly next year, if we do not have the volunteers needed to sustain this awesome program. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Munchalunch fan, your family at DL still benefits: the proceeds of the PAC’s largest fundraiser go to a variety of PAC-supported school endeavours, one of which is a Teachers’ Fund to enhance your children’s daily education. So. If you are able to spare a Wednesday morning (9-1030am) for some behind-the-scenes tasks, or Thursday (1130am-130pm) to help in the kitchen with a few other parents and be a positive presence for student volunteers who help to deliver the lunches, PLEASE EMAIL by April 15. Sign up for a single date, or to show your commitment for 2020-2021.

If we do not get enough volunteers to step up by this date, we will be forced to reduce the program by 50% from September. That’s right, more lunches to make and possibly less fun at school. Please seriously consider offering your time to this worthy cause, and make some connections.

Thank you.

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