Almost Ready for the Seycove Auction but…

That’s right  !

  • Dinner is almost sold out with 4 seats left!
  • After dinner tickets still available for $30
  • Volunteer positions are still not filled and needed to make this night a success !
  • Can’t volunteer?  How about donating a bottle?!  See more info below – a Spirit Wall !

More information at:

We need your bottles of Spirits – Please donate one, two, or a dozen!!!!!

You don’t even need to spend money for this donation! 
Have a bottle of something in your liquor cabinet that you will never drink and want a bottle of something that you will drink? 

You have donated to the right cause! 

We need

hard liquor

beer growlers with attached GC to fill!

Any size, type, or valued bottle listed above is accepted.
However, please no cans or small bottles of cider or beer.
We can pair lesser valued items together to make sure that the cost to play is returned in the value of the booze the player wins.

So regardless of what booze is donated (other than cider or beer cans/bottles) you will be guaranteed to win a bottle(s) valued higher than what you paid to play.

What’s the Spirit Wall?

A new feature to the Seycove Community Auction is the “SPIRIT WALL”.  This is a new interactive, guaranteed prize winning, and fund generating game. It’s a Gin/Win….I mean Win/Win (see how I did that)!

Simply pay for a turn to win a bottle of wine, growler of beer, hard liquor or liqueur that is valued more than the cost of your turn! Our Auction volunteers will even safely store your winnings for you to take home at the end of the night.

*** In order for this to work, we need parents to donate***

How to Donate?

If you have a bottle to donate, please let Kim or Tree via know and we can coordinate pick up or drop off.

Alternatively, you can drop off your Bottle on Feb 21st where the silent auction items are collected. Either way, email us so we know!
😉Thank you in advance for supporting your kids schools!!


Kim and Tree


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