Happy New Year! Time to…

Dear DL Families:

**Happy Holidays!**  We hope you have been enjoying some fun times, rest and relaxation. As the holidays come to a close, we wish to highlight a few things of immediate interest:

1. Order What?
Hot Lunch (aka Munchalunch):  Haven’t gotten around to doing this yet?  It’s not too late – in fact I am doing it right now! If you get on this soon, your child will be able to experience the NEW HOT LUNCH OFFERING, featuring a partnership between WELL FED and COBS! That is,  if you get your order in by Wednesday Jan 8th. So don’t delay!  Go to www.munchalunch.com now!  
Winter Term is from January 9  to March 12. No hot lunch February 13.
If you are able to offer some volunteer hours this term, on Thursdays around lunchtime, or on Wednesday mornings after drop-off, the Program Administrators would love to hear from you – please email: dlpacfunfoodadm@gmail.com for more information and a link to sign up for specific days based on the calendar. This program is a huge fundraiser for our PAC and also supports our busy families with one less day of lunch-making each week. It can also help expose students to new foods that they might just love! And after a successful Harvest Project last month, your child may be more tuned into what to order… so why not involve them, turn it into a conversation, and have fun!
2. Welcome 2020! PAC Coffee Morning
Take a moment to re-coup from the first week back at school after the holidays!  Come to the MPR after drop-off on Friday January 10th, 8:45 – 9:45AM for a chance to re-connect, mingle, chat and celebrate!
Bring your cup — we’ll cheer to a new year, save some dates and catch new waves from the PAC community. This is a great opportunity to get caught up if you missed the PAC Meeting on Nov 21, or are unable to make it to the next one on Jan 27. Refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you!
Happy Holidays & Happy 2020 to one and all 🙂

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