Multi-Family Garage Sale

Thank you everyone who supported our Spring Carnival! It was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. At Dorothy Lynas there is never a dull moment and we are now preparing for our next big event, the multi-family garage sale on Friday June 7.

Where: Dorothy Lynas gymnasium

When: Friday June 7th (after fun day) 6 – 8pm

Why: to raise funds for the Class of 2019 Legacy Gift

The Class of 2019 is raising money for a Legacy Gift for Dorothy Lynas.  On Friday June 7th we will be hosting a multi-family garage sale in the gym. Purchase one of 20 tables for $25 (via MunchaLunch) and those proceeds will go towards the 2019 Legacy Gift.  Whatever you sell, you keep the proceeds! This is a great opportunity to clear your home of toys, sporting good and other items your family doesn’t use or need any more! Tip: delegate the work by involving your children in gathering what they are willing to part with.

Reserve your garage sale table on MunchaLunch between May 29th – June 6th. Due to space restrictions, there are only 20 tables, so it will be first-come first-serve. Once all the tables are sold out, sign-up on Muncha Lunch will be removed.

We are also looking for help promoting this event. If you or your students can make posters and post them around the school and our local community, please do so!

June 7th Garage Sale Timeline

5:00pm – Set up tables. All families who purchased a table are required to help.

5:30pm – Sellers display their stuff and get ready

6 pm – 8pm – Garage Sale doors open!

8:00 – 8:30pm – Clean up and strike tables/put away. All families who purchased a table will help. Do not leave any items behind.


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