Three Things To Do Today

  1. Mark your calendar and plan to attend the final PAC meeting and AGM of the school year. It is this Monday, May 27 in the Multipurpose room. We will start promptly at 7:00 and their will be snacks! You will have the opportunity to hear from Mrs. Wheatley about the class placement process and how students are organized into classes to create optimal learning environments. Additionally, you will get a sneak peak at the after school programs we are hoping to offer next year, have the opportunity to learn about next year’s budget, and provide your input on the field trip fund. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  2. Sign-up to volunteer for the Dorothy Lynas Carnival. The carnival takes place next Saturday, June 1 from 12-3. It is a big undertaking and our kids are really looking forward to it. Please sign-up to help. Sign-up here using this link. Dorothy Lynas has approximately 600 students enrolled and we have 150 volunteer positions to fill. We have currently filled just over half…that’s only about 80 of you! We know you are out there, so please sign-up.
  3. Find a few bottles to donate to the adult bottle table. While the carnival is mostly for the children, this station is just for us! Please drop off any bottle donations to the office as soon as possible. While you are out this weekend, pick up an extra bottle of wine, beer, or cider to donate. We will also accept non-alcoholic items like bbq sauce, lotion, olive oils, perfume, or any other unopened bottle.

The weather is kinda crummy right now, so there are no excuses not to support Dorothy Lynas!

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