We Need YOU!

Did you realize that none of our schools Spirit or Fundraising events (Welcome Back party, Movie nights, Primary kids KM Club, Spring Carnival, Seycove Auction, Art Cards, Fun Foods/Hot Lunch etc) can occur without our amazing parents giving their time and energy to organize and see them through.

We need YOU and so have created a couple of ways in which you can sign-up to help be involved in putting on the events. Both here (http://signup.com/go/YYHBKFS) and inside the schools main entrance you will find the most important volunteer opportunities we need to fill for this school year. As events get planned there will be more volunteers required during each event that we will post for then.

Please consider where your strengths and enjoyments lie and take a look at where you can sign up to help plan or carry out an event at/for our school this year. Every little bit helps and shows your child that their school is important.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for spirit events or fundraisers you think would be a great idea, please email those suggestions to eventsdlpac@gmail.com

Thank you very much.

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