Spring Carnival + Body Science + PAC Meeting

The Dorothy Lynas Annual Carnival (Saturday, June 2) Needs Your Help!
It is Carnival time of year again and we are looking forward to once again having a fantastic Carnival to end off our school year and enjoy some great old fashioned fun and one of a kind Dorothy Lynas spirit!
To pull this off, we need the help of a few more individuals to join the “Carnival Organizing Committee”.  These individuals will help ensure that the Carnival runs without a hitch and will lead the assignment of roles and responsibilities across the grades of the school. Much of the heavy lifting has been done already (thanks to the amazing Chris Gaydon) with the rides and food being ordered! And on top of that, last year’s Carnival Committee left a gift of a step by step guide to Carnival implementation success for the benefit of all future Carnival Committees (thanks so much once again!)!
We need a few more amazing volunteers (are there any other kind at Dorothy Lynas?) to ensure we have another great Carnival on June 2nd. Please email the PAC at emaildlpac@gmail.com to learn more.  Because of all the great work that has already been done, this is not an overly onerous role and will only last for the next few weeks!  Please help us ensure we can host another fabulous Carnival for our community.  Thank you!!!
Body Science Session for Parents – Monday, May 14 @ 6pm
We are very pleased to share that a special session for parents has been arranged to introduce and share more information about the Body Science program that will be coming to Dorothy Lynas later in May.   The session will commence at 6pm and will be approximately one hour in duration.  For those who are unfamiliar with Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators and the Body Science program, here is a brief description:
We can all agree that the world is a much different place than it was when we were growing up. The question is, how do we help our children and teens make sense of all of this? How do we empower them to make smart decisions on their way to becoming sexually mature, healthy and happy adults? And how can parents feel more confident and comfortable broaching the topic of sexual health with their kids? That’s where we come in. Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators is a group of smart and current sexual health professionals with a focus on safe, practical, inclusive content. We give parents concrete tools with which to answer even the toughest questions. In our work with elementary and high school students we reinforce the positive, meaningful messages parents have communicated to their children and teens. With good information and a youthful, fun, approachable delivery, talking about sexual health has never been easier.
We encourage as many parents to attend this session as possible and benefit from the valuable information that will be shared and tools that will be learnt!
PAC Meeting & PAC Annual General Meeting – Monday, May 14 @ 7pm
Directly after the completion of the Body Science presentation, we will be holding our last PAC Meeting of this academic year.   If you plan on attending the Body Science presentation, why not stick around for a little while longer and partake in our last PAC Meeting.  The more parents the merrier and remember, we are all PAC!
At the completion of the PAC Meeting, we will hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This very important annual meeting will be an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s achievements and happenings and discuss some of our priorities and plans for the next academic year! Including our PAC Budget.  The AGM is also where we elect our PAC Executive.  This is a great opportunity to lend your voice and vote to who helps organize the PAC for the coming academic year.  We also encourage anyone who is interested in giving of their time as a PAC Executive Member to please come out to the AGM and put your name forward.  It is a great opportunity and privilege to serve and learn about Dorothy Lynas in an enjoyable and impactful manner!

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