Volunteer Opportunity – Assistant Treasurer

Looking for a way to help the PAC from the comfort and convenience of your home (or office)? Our PAC Treasurer, Wayne Audette, is looking for an Assistant Treasurer (AT).

What’s involved? The AT acts primarily as the PAC bookkeeper, using QuickBooks Online accounting software.  Because QuickBooks Online is on the cloud, it can be done from any location, on a PC or a Mac.  Training will be provided by parent Gracia Niegos, who has generously filled the role for two years and has streamlined the job to make it simple and easy. Wayne, the Treasurer, provides backup and support as required.

QuickBooks Online is user friendly, it prepares and prints all cheques ( about 20 per month), and automatically posts the entries.  Recently, we also introduced voluntary payment by electronic transfer (INTERAC)  so that a cheque does not need to be prepared and co-signed, and the recipient does not need to make a separate bank deposit.  Revenues and reports from the MunchaLunch system are independent and operated by a third party.

The time commitment is approximately 3 to 6 hours per month over the school year.  There is no need to attend PAC meetings (but you are always welcome to attend.)

Supplier invoices, cheque requisitions and other financial documents are kept in a folder at the DL front desk for pick up by the AT once or twice a week.  Once processed, the cheques are returned to the folder for pick up by the requestor, or are mailed.  All cheques require two signatures, and the AT is the primary signing officer.  Banking is conducted with the convenient Parkgate branch of BlueShore Financial.  Occasional bank deposits can be made in person, or simply left in the outside night deposit slot.

So, if you have a computer, a printer, Internet access, and some modest experience in bookkeeping, please raise your hand!

Grace will finish up everything for the current school year but she is ready to begin training her successor immediately. Volunteering with the PAC is a great way to give back, learn more about what happens at our school and meet a few parents behind your child’s school! Please email wayneaudette@shaw.ca if you have questions or want to help.

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