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The Click Campaign has been extended to November 17 and our Dorothy Lynas families will now have one more week to make their contribution towards this worthy cause for our school!

The proceeds from the Campaign will go towards investments in upgrading existing technology at Dorothy Lynas and bringing in new and exciting technologies to our school. The Campaign also supports bringing best in class programs to Dorothy Lynas ensuring our children have exposure to enriching experiences over and above the great education they receive throughout the year. Finally, the Click Campaign proceeds will go towards funding a new mobile PA system ensuring our children’s voices will be heard in a manner that reflects their hard work, dedication and pride.

We have said this before and it is certainly worth saying again: Every dollar counts! We are approximately a third of the way towards our fundraising goal and we know that the incredible Dorothy Lynas community spirit will shine through and make sure we achieve our collective goal by November 17! No contribution is too small, your participation is what matters most.

Thank you to all the families who have contributed so far and our heartfelt thanks in advance to all the families who will contribute from now until the end of the Campaign! Together, we can!

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