The DL Click Campaign begins now!

Welcome to the PAC 2017/18 Click Campaign!  

As a result of discussions amongst and feedback from the PAC, DL Administration, Staff and Students over the past several months, we have been able to develop a list of the needs and wants at our school. We have also taken into consideration the ask that we limit the number of times within a year we fundraise and that when we do, we provide as much context as possible about why we are doing so and where our dollars will be spent. Keeping all this in mind, we are very excited to announce our inaugural Click Campaign!

The Campaign will run online from Tuesday, October 10th to Friday, November 10th, 2017. Funds collected will go toward the following:

  1. New PA System : Our current mobile Public Address or “PA” system comprised of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and related equipment is outdated. The equipment currently used by the Tech Team is cumbersome, finicky and much of the time inaudible. The quality of public speaking and artistic performances is sacrificed when we have outdated microphones and speakers: it is unfair for staff, students, guests and performers when they cannot be heard and it is not efficient for the PAC to sponsor performers who cannot convey their talents due to outdated audio equipment.  We are excited that through the Click Campaign, we will be able to invest in a state of the art mobile PA system that will serve our school community for years to come and will ensure that the true voices of our students will shine!
  2. Enrichment Programs that will complement the foundational learning provided at DL and allow our students to be exposed to a multitude of learning and growth opportunities that will serve them in a variety of ways allowing for enhanced skill sets, confidence and a passion for personal growth.
  3. Ongoing investments in technology that enhance our school environment and allow our students access to smart learning solutions. We have made significant investments in technology over the past few years and our aim is to continue building upon these investments to allow our students the very best opportunity to succeed in a world that requires digital proficiency and confidence.

Starting today, we invite you to donate any amount that suits your family’s budget (no amount is too small or for that matter too big, we simply hope to engage as many families as possible).

  • Just hit the red CLICK HERE button above to go directly to the NVSD #44 School Cash Online page
  • In the Gift Information section select your FUND AMOUNT and make sure your FUND DESTINATION is DOROTHY LYNAS – PAC
  • In the Message to the School Board – please enter DL CLICK CAMPAIGN
  • ADD TO CART, review information and click CONTINUE until you have completed your payment.
  • For those who prefer it, we will also accept cheques made payable to the Dorothy Lynas PAC and in the subject: Click Campaign. Please deposit this into the box labelled CLICK CAMPAIGN at the front office.

We thank you in advance for your participation and we invite you to watch the CLICK CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISING GAUGE in the front entrance at DL as we come together as a strong and supportive school community!

Any questions or concerns, please email the PAC at

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