Grade Assignments for Spirit Events

At DL, we pride ourselves on showing our community spirit through DL Spirit Events. Spirit Events are hosted by the PAC with the goal to build school and community spirit; these events are not fundraisers but rather designed to simply be self-funding.

To facilitate, the PAC helps organize volunteers to lead these activities. To ensure Spirit Events are consistently held, class years (divisions) are being assigned the leadership of these events and activities. For events like the Spring Carnival, the whole school is involved, but certain class years are assigned to take leadership and organize volunteers.

The Grade Assignment for the 2017/18 School year is as follows:



Grade Event Date Leaders Mentor
Gr 1 SpiritWear Oct/Nov 2017 Katie Gaydon/Leanne Arabsky Harwood Suzanne Siemens
Gr 2+3 Welcome Back Party Oct 2017 Shari Virjee Tanada/Jennifer Cram Shaireen Sayani
Gr 4+5 Spring Carnival May 2018 TBA Alikie Knight
Gr 6 Family Bingo Night Feb 2018 TBA Tracey Todd/Kim Grimwood
Gr 7 Theatre Under the Stars Jan 2018 TBA Nicky Douglas


Why is this happening now? The format of assigning class years to provide leadership to spirit and fundraising events has been successfully done in the past, and so the PAC is reintroducing this format again.

What are the benefits moving to this model? Asking a different class each year to lead a Spirit Event brings the following:

  • clarity and predictability to the group that needs to step up
  • helps spread the volunteer workload
  • avoids relying on a small pool of recurring volunteers who risk burn out
  • injects a fresh perspective to these events each year
  • creates opportunities for giving back, enrichment and social support

What happens if the class year does not step up?
If the class year is not able to organize themselves, the event or activity will be cancelled for the year. No judgement!

Can I volunteer for an event or activity that is not within my class year?
Recognizing that some people gravitate to events or tasks that appeal to them, individuals are always welcome to join other teams/events/activities.

This feels like a big commitment. What’s next?
The PAC has been successfully organizing these events for many years. Thankfully, past volunteers have created binders and documents with step-by-step instructions to help guide you toward success.

Any questions or concerns please contact PAC Chair, Rahim Rajan at

We thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year!

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