Required: Skills & Talent + New PAC Events Calendar + New PAC Exec

We are thrilled to announce we’ve doubled in size! Thank you to all those who attended our first PAC Meeting and PAC AGM – we welcomed many returning parents and hosted some new families too. A productive & positive discussion lead to some great new ideas for the coming year and AGM elections saw us double the size of our PAC Executive!

Your new PAC Executive Members are:

  • Chairperson – Rahim Rajan
  • Co-Vice Chairpersons – Jason Brunelle + Suzanne Siemens
  • Treasurer – Wayne Audette
  • Secretary – Shaireen Sayani
  • Members At Large – Sophie Hsia, Kerry Smith, Giulia Desrochers, Shari Virjee Tanada, Kim Grimwood

Welcome to our new members and we look forward to another productive year ahead.


REQUIRED ASAP!  Skills + Talent

Parents, grandparents + caregivers we are looking to fill the following roles on the PAC. The work can be done from the comfort of your own workspace and we guarantee you won’t spend more than 5 hours per month on any of these roles:

  1. Volunteer Coordinator – This year, we will be linking Volunteer Spot to our DL PAC Website. It is a handy tool where we have already uploaded our DL Volunteer Board. With so many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year all we ask is that you administer the site a few times per month to ensure we have enough parents/students signed up to run their upcoming event. Contact Shaireen Sayani, PAC Secretary & Communications for more details.
  2. Design – While we find this blog post and our DL PAC website handy ways to keep parents informed, not all families (nor are any students) signed up to receive our PAC communications digitally. Occasionally we send out flyers via student Agendas to guarantee that all parents have been included in our PAC communications. We need the talent of a Design Coordinator to create these flyers along with posters that can be hung around the school and/or within the community. Sharing is caring and keeps our DL Community well informed. For more details contact Suzanne Siemens, PAC Co-Vice Chairperson (Update: someone has now volunteered)
  3. Marketing – We would like to have a Marketing Coordinator who could provide the necessary expertise and experience to ensure we are utilizing the most effective ways to create an awareness of and promote the various events, programs and opportunities that exist at DL. The Marketing Coordinator will work closely with both our PAC Communications Coordinator & Design Coordinator to ensure we are optimizing our efforts.
  4. SpiritWear Coordinator – Twice a year (Nov + Feb) we will be selling our fantastic DL logo hoodies, athletic gear + water bottles. We have all the items stored at the school, we just need a Coordinator to organizer on-site viewings for sizing, launch the ready-to-go online order system, and confirm the final numbers with our supplier. The system set up and flow is already done for you – we just need your supervision and organization! (Update: someone has now volunteered to lead this but others are always welcome to help.)

Please contact our PAC Chair, Rahim Rajan at if you are interested in any of the roles and/or if you would like to learn more about any of the roles. We thank you for your consideration!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the following parents who have taken on these PAC Roles:

  • Grace Nacorda – PAC Bookkeeper
  • Ursula Steidl – Coordinator, Annual Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Katie Gaydon – Coordinator, Art Cards & SpiritWear
  • Kim Grimwood – DL Chairperson, Seycove Auction
  • Heather Dempsey – DL Traffic Liaison
  • Giulia Desrochers – Head Class Rep
  • Jane Tom – Family of Schools Rep
  • Norisa Anderson – Design
  • Natalya Crump – Website

We simply could not do what we do without the contributions and collective effort of our volunteer community at DL!



Calendar of Events for 2017/18

A great and insightful discussion at the PAC Meeting involved parents seeking clarity on which DL events/programs are considered Spirit Events and which events are considered Fundraisers.

Fundraising Activities and Events are designed to raise funds for the PAC to be disbursed to support programs like the Transportation Fund, technology, programs that enrich a students experience and scholarships as well as in classroom (including the library) material support. A volunteer team leads these fundraising programs (and the PAC is always looking for someone to lead this each year). Fundraising activities for 2017/18 include: Fun Foods (year round), the Click Campaign (Oct 2017 – details to follow soon), Art Cards (Nov 2017), Grade 7 Movie Night (Jan 2018) and the Seycove Auction (Spring 2018).

Spirit Events are hosted by the PAC with the goal to build school and community spirit; these events are not fundraisers but rather designed to simply be self-funding. Spirit Events for 2017/18 include: the Welcome Back Social (Oct 2017), Bingo Night (Feb 2018- new this year!) and the Spring Carnival (May 2018). NOTE: SpiritWear is now considered a Spirit Initiative – we feel it is important for all families to be able to participate in wearing the school logo with pride if they choose to and accordingly pricing for all SpiritWear products will be set on a cost recovery basis only.


HELP! We have only 5 Class Reps out of 24 Classes! Please approach your homeroom Teacher and sign up to help.

Save the Date: Fri Oct 27th is our first Spirit Event of the year – Gr 2 + 3 families are planning a fun night for all – details to follow soon!

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