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Happy October! The leaves are changing colours, the nights are getting cooler and hopefully you have found your Fall groove 🙂


We are just the messenger! You may notice a No Dogs Allowed sign outside the annex.

We love your dogs and we understand they are part of your family – unfortunately the District of North Vancouver Parks Department regulations pertaining to dogs in Municipal parks and recreational areas states: Dogs ARE PROHIBITED on playgrounds, picnic areas, playing fields, beaches, fitness circuits, running tracks, golf courses, bowling greens, tennis courts, skate board bowls and multi-purpose facilities.

Also, as our school property flows into Indian River Park, please note DOGS ARE PROHIBITED EXCEPT ON LEASH.

If your dog does accompany you on your daily drop off or pick up, we ask that you keep him/her on a leash. More importantly, we ask that you find a location 20-30 m from the playground or playing fields as your drop off/pick up point. That way we are all respectful of District bylaws and families with dogs can still participate in the morning and afternoon walking ritual.

NOTE: Assistance Dogs are NOT subject to the above regulations. Thank you for your understanding!


A message from our Family of Schools: Windsor Secondary Gala Event

Windsor Secondary School’s 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala takes place on Saturday, October 14th from 6 pm -12 Midnight. Join in for a fun filled evening that includes dinner, dancing, cash bar and a fabulous live band. Plus, a silent auction AND delicious cake/dessert auction that will generate a great deal of excitement, just like last year!

Proceeds raised from the Fundraiser will directly benefit Windsor’s entire grade 8 to 12 student community by enhancing, upgrading and replacing information computer technology (ICT).

The event is expected to be attended by 200-250 parents and members of the community.

Please show your support by attending! It will be an amazing time!

Get your 2017 Gala Tickets here! Gala Ticket includes reserved seating, buffet dinner & dancing.


Traffic! We ask all DL families to review this important information.

Parents we understand that mornings can be hectic but we urge you to allow for extra time in the mornings to avoid rushing, to prevent speeding and to respect these signs for the fairness and safety of all DL families and students.

A Traffic Safety Committee was formed 4 years ago at DL to increase driver awareness and student safety. Please review and understand the following signage placed on Inlet Crescent and Shone Rd/Percy Ct.



These signs designate the zones where vehicles are not permitted to stop under any circumstances. These zones are kept clear to provide good sight lines for drivers to see students and students to see drivers.





These signs designate the zones for active pick up and drop off of students. Do not park and leave the vehicle in these zones. By parking in a “No Parking” zone, a driver could be causing traffic congestion and obstructing the visibility of other drivers and pedestrians.
Please note that there is now no stopping on Shone/Percy as established by the District of North Vancouver. Bylaw officers now frequent the area to enforce these regulations.





Travel at 30 km/hr or less near a school from 8:00am – 5:00pm on school days and near a playground from dawn to dusk every day.

Traveling at 30 km/hr or less near a school or playground increases the ability of a driver to stop his/her vehicle to allow a child to cross the road safely.




Safety Regulation Reminders:

  • Please slow down!
  • Do not enter the Staff Parking Lot at any time.
  • In zones signed, “No Stopping”, vehicles are not permitted to cease motion.
  • When dropping children off in a school “No Parking” zone, stop briefly and allow your passenger to exit the vehicle onto a sidewalk.
  • And finally, talk to your children about traffic safety.

Thank you for your attention!


REMINDER!! Wednesday, October 4th is the DL Costume Swap in the MPR from 2:00-4:00 pm.

Its easy! Trade an old costume for a new one OR simply donate a twoonie and take a costume home with you.

MPR doors will be open at 2 pm for parents, grandparents or caregivers to come by and take a peek. Then bring your child by the MPR at 3 pm and make your selection.

Volunteers are still needed to help set up costumes, assist children with sizes & styles and clean up – please contact  if you can offer some time 🙂

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