New to DL! Librarian, Office staff + Head Class Rep

A message fromTo my fellow parents, grandparents, caregivers and cherished members of our Dorothy Lynas school community,

On behalf of my fellow PAC Executive Members, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all back for the 2017/18 academic year! I hope you had a wonderful summer filled with enjoyment and memorable moments.

Every September brings a flurry of anticipation, excitement and all the promise of a new adventure and chapter in our children’s academic lives. This year is no exception and it is truly wonderful to see the wonder and joy in our children’s faces as they re-enter the halls of Dorothy Lynas once again (and for our newest school community members, perhaps for the first time). As a PAC, we hope that we can offer in a variety of ways the support and opportunity to make this year the very best yet at Dorothy Lynas for our entire school community – our students, staff and parents, grandparents and caregivers! We look forward to bringing new ideas and programs to Dorothy Lynas to complement the tremendous effort and leadership provided by our school staff. We are open to suggestions and warmly invite your participation and involvement in whichever form you are able to provide it.

We would like to extend a very warm and extra special Dorothy Lynas welcome to our new principal, Tracey Todd. Principal Todd brings to us a rich and varied body of experience. Her reputation and achievements precede her and any of us who have had the pleasure to meet her already, can clearly see the passion and dedication she has in ensuring only the very best for Dorothy Lynas. Welcome Principal Todd! We are so happy and fortunate to have you (back) with us and look forward to you being part of our community again! We would also like to acknowledge and thank ever so much the entire staff at Dorothy Lynas for all they do day in day out!

Finally, to our many volunteers, the PAC Executive would like to extend a very special thank you. We are truly grateful to you for all you do. You inspire an entire community through your dedication, passion and selflessness! Thank you ever so much!

We wish you all a wonderful year!


Rahim Rajan
PAC Chair


Who is that new face at the DL Library?

Please welcome Mme Geraldine. When you have a moment, please show your DL spirit with a quick hello 🙂





An introduction to the multi-taskers extraordinaire at the DL Front Office…..returning to DL is Shirley Patten and new this year please welcome Sandra Holloway and Shelley Jelstad. We will do our best not to disrupt you mid task though given all the work you do, that may be a tough one…. Welcome to DL!




A huge thank you to Giulia Desrochers who will be stepping into the role of Head Class Rep. Let’s get those PAC communication forms signed and returned to the office ASAP! Once we have received authorization from families that we can communicate with them directly via email, Giulia will send lists to all the Class Reps so they can keep you in the loop about things class and PAC related.

Looking forward to you keeping us organized, Giulia!



Be a dough raiser! Do you know that each time you mention École Dorothy Lynas Elementary when making a purchase at COBS Parkgate, 5% of your sale will come back to the school?

Last year we brought in $288 to our fundraising account. Thanks for your support!




  • Forms! Whether on line or paper forms, please return them ASAP. The quicker we get them back to the school, the quicker we can update the Student Online Directory.
  • Fun Foods! Lookout for a Fun Foods flyer and notice to our PAC website giving details about our Term 1 online orders. Can’t wait to take a break from lunch making 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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