Save these Dates + spread the word. Plus, anyone recognize the gal with the cotton candy?

Kathleen Patterson has requested a community picnic for her retirement + farewell celebration. Everybody is invited!

Please spread the word:
When: Wednesday June 21, 4-7 pm
Where:  Outside the kindergarten rooms on the grass

What to bring: your own picnic blanket, lawn chairs, and picnic supper
All students, parents, and staff are welcome for this wonderful community event!

NOTE: Do you all know about the Card Project that is being created as a gift to Kathleen? Make sure to ask your child if they have completed their card in-class and there are extra cards at the front office for parents, grandparents and caregivers too. We welcome your participation!

For further information contact



Volunteer Spotlight! Cathy Brydon…….

I love the spirit at our school and the “community” I’ve felt ever since kindergarten days at wits-end navigating mornings with “spirited” 😉 kids, to now with a son loving grade 7 and excited as he anticipates the world of high school. I enjoy being involved, although I must say I consciously make an effort not to take on too much ;), keeping my eye out for small roles that I can commit to easily, if an area I’m good at and something that’s fun to do. I help out with volleyball teams, and usually look for a small block of time at most school events. I’d encourage all families, even extended families, to find some small way to get involved – sometimes clichés exist because they are true – you get more than you give.

In my case Dorothy Lynas unexpectedly helped me fulfill a lifelong dream to be a candy floss maker…

Ps. Know a volunteer we should spotlight? Feel free to send us ideas or action photos – we’ll contact them and ask if they’d like to be featured.

The PAC would like to thank Cathy for her years of service at DL…always smiling and always a fantastic story to share 🙂



The DL Staff would like to show their gratitude to all parents, grandparents and caregivers who have given their time to the school this year!

They are running the Volunteer Appreciation Station at Fun Day again this year.
Join in the fun Friday June 9 – the Station will be open from 10:25 am to 12:05 pm

Coffee, tea, and treats will be served with some artwork on display.
This is a wonderful opportunity for staff and parents to mingle and catch up about the year!

Spread the word!

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