Handsworth Track & Field meet needs Volunteers!

Hello All!

Lisa Reid and the DL Track & Field Crew are requesting some volunteer assistance at the upcoming Handsworth Track & Field Meet Tuesday May 16th.

They are looking for help with the following ‘jobs’:

-help give out jerseys at school (MPR) the in the morning from 9:00-approx recess – need 4-5 helpers
-wash a bag of jerseys after Handsworth
-bring a tent to Handsworth (need 2) for 11:45 am (can’t arrive earlier. Zone 7 will be there)
-be a timer at Handsworth (sit with our district staff & operate an electronic button)
-be a relay point judge (need 2 in case other schools don’t have anyone). You place kids on the track at relay positions, either at 2nd, 3rd or last position.

The DL Track & Field Crew will be on hand to show you. Very easy. Only for relay events. Then you’re free!

If anyone can help in any area above please text Lisa Reid at 604.374.6594 or feel free to pass on Lisa’s cell number to anyone you think may be interested. Thank you so much! Go Dorothy Lynas Track & Field team!

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