Kindness is universal – a trait we encourage everyone to openly express every day. The phrase “Make Nice” acts as a friendly reminder that no matter what our differences, kindness is always a choice worth making. Being kind and “making nice” is the underlying philosophy behind the anti-bullying movement that we hope will live on beyond Pink Shirt Day.

On Wednesday February 22nd the staff and students at DL will be engaging in a variety of Anti-Bullying exercises and discussions through a Pink Shirt Day “Make Nice” kit that has been assembled by the PAC. We have worked hard with the DL Administration to make this happen in hope that students and staff will engage in meaningful conversations that will inspire our children to exhibit anti-bullying behaviour.

Parents please join us in discussing this important message with your children over the weekend. The importance of treating fellow classmates and staff with respect and appreciation while engaging in inclusive behaviour is the true nature of the Dorothy Lynas spirit.

Next Wednesday February 22nd please show your support by wearing anything pink – a t-shirt, wristband, headband, pair of socks or shoes to show everyone you believe in this message. Make the pledge with your children this weekend!

The PAC sends out a huge Thank You to Nazira Rajan for her dedication to this cause, for her effort in  assembling the Make Nice Kits for the entire school that will be distributed to staff and students this afternoon and for bringing this to the PAC’s attention so that we can work together with the DL Staff and Admin to make Dorothy Lynas a champion for this important cause.

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