Snow Update: Our requests to the District for clearing walkways & their response

Dear DL Community;

The School Administration and PAC Executive have been in contact with North Vancouver District again since the start of our most recent snowfall on Friday and have been working with the District to ensure a proactive and commensurate response to the latest snow activity is taken to ensure the safety of all members of our School community. We are pleased to share that the District has cleared a number of pathways in front of the School as well as the main drop off area and neighbouring sidewalks. The School Administration and PAC Executive will continue to work with the District and the School Board to ensure that there are continued clearing efforts being made to other areas of concern around the School as well as maintaining the present condition of pathways that have been cleared this weekend.

We ask for your continued support, patience and understanding as we all work together to manage through the challenges that the snow and related weather presents. We may require additional support through volunteering efforts in the coming days to ensure that our grounds are safe for our children & families and ask for your support in this matter when we ask (a big heartfelt thank you to the wonderful ladies who took the initiative on Friday evening during the Movie Night to clear the pathways at the School. You were there to volunteer your time at the event yet we found you shovelling snow during the movie presentation. You embody all that is great about our school and community and serve as an example to all of us! Thank you!

Rahim Rajan, PAC Chair

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