Final PAC meeting & Parents, please stop by the DL Rack

One last chance

Our final PAC Meeting will take place Tuesday, June 21st from 7:00-8:00 pm in the MPR. Here is a preview of the Proposed Budget for the coming year. Whether you are able to join us at the meeting or not, we always welcome your comments and questions as you are all members of the DL PAC and we appreciate your feedback.

Thank You’s go out to Wayne Audette, PAC Treasurer & grandfather extraordinaire and Leila Kauko, PAC Bookkeeper & endless supporter of DL Students & Events, for their diligence with PAC finances, their ongoing involvement at DL and their commitment to the PAC Executive. You both work quietly behind the scenes to ensure PAC funds are spent and recorded efficiently and we couldn’t let it go unnoticed. You are gems and we are so grateful to you both!

Mystery prize

Drumroll please……for those who have placed orders during our Labels Fundraiser, we appreciate your participation and would like to show our thanks by entering your name into a raffle. Place your orders before Tuesday June 21st and we will add your name to the draw…. the winner of the mystery prize will be announced at the PAC Meeting.


Rack of clothesCould have been saved by a label….

Now, why do we keep pushing labels…? You can’t imagine what’s going on in the DL hallway right now. The DL Rack a.k.a. the Lost & Found is completely weighed down with your kids’ hoodies, sweatshirts and lunch containers. You may not have noticed these items missing from your home – our kids certainly didn’t – but its all there and anxiously waiting to be taken home. Please stop by next week and have a browse through the DL Rack, taking home only what belongs to your family and showing your DL spirit by alerting others if you find their items along the way.

Enjoy the weekend!

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