Quick 2 minute survey – we need your feedback & our books back please!

Thank-you stars
A message from the Carnival Crew:

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Carnival last Saturday! We hope you had a wonderful time! Huge thank you to all the volunteers who made everything come together!

In order to plan for future years the The Dorothy Lynas Spring Carnival Committee needs your feedback! Please give us 2 minutes of your time for the DL Carnival Survey here by MONDAY JUNE 13TH.



KP Mad

Meet Kathleen.

See Kathleen unhappy.

Hear Kathleen make announcements go unheard regarding overdue books.

Listen to Kathleen roar…… “I want my books back, please!”

Whether they walk, fly, scooter, bike or teleport….all overdue DL books need to make their way back to the library ASAP……Let’s do our part to make Kathleen happy again!

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