Fun Foods orders, Thank You Gr 7’s and Seycove Gala Crew


DL PAC Fun Foods Team would like to remind you that Term 3 orders are due Wed March 9th !

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Water filling station

DL PAC Treasurer, Wayne Audette is pleased to announce:

Coming soon to the DL Hallways….

Each year, the parents and students of our Grade 7 graduating classes raise funds to support a celebration dinner. Parents are asked to contribute an amount sufficient to cover the costs of the dinner and a yearbook. The organizers have to estimate those costs well in advance, and thus set the parent’s contribution high enough to avoid a deficit.

We have learned that the Graduating Classes of 2014 and 2015 not only avoided deficits – but generated surpluses. Now that is being fiscally responsible! The organizers of the two events surveyed the parents involved to determine what to do with the excess funds. Options included (a) giving a modest refund to each of the parents, (b) sponsoring a specific legacy gift to the school or (c) making an open donation to the PAC. The majority of parents supported option (c), in large part because they were confident that the PAC would have a better understanding of specific needs and opportunities.

We’re delighted to announce that your PAC Executive has accepted the donations, and on behalf of parents and students has designated the funds to purchase two water bottle refilling stations. One is already installed near the MPR, another is on order and will arrive very shortly. In due course, we will mount plaques next to each station as permanent recognitions of the generosity of our students and their parents.

Thank You


The PAC would like to extend a huge Thank You to our Seycove Gala Chair, Heather Daoust and her amazing team of volunteers for their ongoing effort to make this year’s event another great success. We are so thankful to all the DL families who support our events whether it be through financial support, sponsorship, donations in kind, giving their valuable volunteering hours and of course, to those attending the event – your contributions and spirit help bring funds into the school for the benefit of our Staff and Students. We hope you all enjoyed the Aloha Beach Party !




And let’s not forget, our big kids were once so small……Mt Seymour Preschool is hosting 2 events in an effort to raise funds for the enhancement and renovation of a new Accessible Outdoor Play Space. Please see March 10th Skating event details here and April 9th Auction & Dance details here.

The countdown to Spring Break is on….!

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