We Remember

As millions of Candians across the country pay their respects to military service members past and present on Wednesday, November 11th,
remember to take a few quiet moments with your loved ones to recognize the contributions our Veterans have made and to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of Canada.


To Remember



Proud Canadian Soldier

Here on this Remembrance Day so many years along
I stand before your monument, among the teaming throng
The last post now has ended and the canon’s roar has gone
To the scurl of pipe and drum, I see the Veterans marching on

Here’s to you the proud Canadian soldier
Soldiers, sailors, airmen one and all
Here’s to you the proud Canadian soldier
For every new day dawning and when evening shadows fall

The proud procession marches past, the onlookers applaud
And in succession one by one we smile at them and nod
Their numbers may be dwindling, with each year passing on
But time cannot diminish them nor the battles lost and won

Here on this Remembrance Day I watch the sunsets glow
The pageant now has faded and everyone’s gone home
I stand before this monument where wreaths and poppies blow
And I can hear the angels singing now and forever more

by Jay Anthony Willis

Have a peaceful Remembrance Day


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