KM Club for Gr K-3 starts Wednesday, May 6th

The K-3 Kilometre Club begins this week! The children will be supervised by Parent Volunteers while running around the park loop 8:10-8:40 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This year’s season will end on Friday June, 5th.

Kids-RunningStudents who walk to and from school can use this in their KM count (sorry, rollerblading and cycling will not be considered) and parents can send in a signed note indicating the number of KM’s walked/run outside of school. Don’t forget to send a water bottle as students will have to wait until the bell rings to enter the school.

For those of you who are new to the KM Club this year, here’s how it works:  All Primary students are invited to run laps around the park loop by the playground. One KM equals 4 laps around the loop. As students complete 1 lap they received a specially marked popsicle stick. When they have completed 4 laps they can trade in their popsicle sticks for a KM paper. It is the student’s responsibility to hold onto their sticks until they complete that KM, and to hold onto any KM papers until they have been recorded by a Volunteer Parent onto the classroom chart when the school bell rings. Students will be rewarded with a special ribbon for every 25 KM’s they complete.

Please remember, the KM Club does not operate in rainy weather.

See you at the loop!

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