DL Directory 2014-15: A draft is online! Check your entries.

The first draft of the Dorothy Lynas Directory is now available online, on the Directory page, and (for a while) on the front page of the DLPAC website. Enjoy!


As always, the directory draft is password-protected.

  • The password is the same as last year’s, and is case-sensitive.
  • If you don’t know the password, and can’t get it by asking other DL parents, feel free to request it via the contact form at the bottom of the Directory page. Include your name and your child’s name and teacher’s name in your request, so you can be identified as a Dorothy Lynas parent before the password is provided…

Please take a moment to verify your family’s entries in the directory. Add or correct if needed.

  • All entries were published exactly as entered by you in MunchaLunch.
  • If there are typos or other errors in your entries (or if there is no entry at all), corrections and additions should be made as soon as possible, right in your MunchaLunch account.
  • Directions for adding your family’s directory information in MunchaLunch are on the Directory page.

The next draft of the 2014-15 DL Directory, including all the changes and additions made in MunchaLunch between now and December 19th (last day of school before winter holidays), will be made available in time for the return to school in 2015.

Huge thanks once again to Leila Kauko for making it all possible!

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