The “Brick by Brick” Drive: Help Build a School

Hello Dorothy Lynas Families:

This year DL’s Free the Children Committee has been very diligent with their efforts.  They raised $900 for the Philippine Relief Fund, collected a truckload of food for the Harvest Project, collected $400 for the One Drop Foundation, filled a foyer full of clothes for Big Brothers and they even remained silent for a full day to raise awareness for the children around the world who do not have a voice.

Their final project is now underway.  It is called the Brick By Brick drive.  They are raising funds to help build a school in a Third World Country.  We all know the extreme value of education in a society; the purpose of this drive is to give a village the gift of education and a positive future.

bbb The concept is to collect money that will go towards bricks for a schoolhouse.  The cost of one brick is $20.  For every $20 raised, a brick will be added to the front foyer’s display.  The end goal is to get as close to a full schoolhouse as possible.  While they are fundraising for only two weeks this year, they will be able to continue the efforts next year.  Some key points are as follows:

  • Any donation is accepted, large or small
  • Multiple kids can donate together to buy a brick
  • Outside donations are accepted as well
  • There is no obligation for anybody to donate

The Free the Children Committee would like to thank everybody for all of their support this year and they look forward to continuing the positive momentum created over the last two years into next year.

Peter Williams and the Free the Children Committee

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