Please Mum Fundraising Update & Extension


Due to some technical difficulties with the tracking code, the Please Mum fundraiser will be extended to December 19th.

Furthermore, if you already placed an order, please email Kathy Overgaard (at your order # so she can coordinate with Please Mum to ensure Dorothy Lynas gets credit for your purchase.

If you have not yet placed an order and wish to do so:

1) If you are a new customer, please first SIGN UP (where you will enter your name, address AND the DL Referral Code.) DO NOT sign-in as a GUEST. Then shop online.

2) If you are an existing customer to Please Mum, order online AND email Kathy Overgaard your order #, and she will make sure Please Mum links it to our account (as there is no place to enter the DL referral code.)

Due to the problems with tracking the referral code and the

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popularity of the program, the 15% Fundraiser has been extended to December 19th! So, take advantage of the huge savings and support our school!

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