Zarah’s Sunrise Garden: Cedar Logs Needed

Work has started on Zarah’s Sunrise Garden at the school.  A beautiful garden has been designed by Sally Hocking which will create a “Sunrise” of colours from tulips each Spring.  Full details on this lovely space will follow.

We need your help! In order to protect the garden from mowers during the summer months, we have to create a circle with cedar logs.

To do this we need:

Cedar logs:  approx. 80 cedar logs, average 12″ diameter, between 18″ and 3’long.

Date: Needed before October 19th

Location: An area has been created close to the garden to store the logs

If you are an arborist, know an arborist or are having a cedar tree cut down please contact:

Leila Kauko:   604-209.7222

Tania Elvin: 604-729-4625


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