Traffic Safety Tips

As we get ready to go back to school, please keep in mind these Traffic Safety Tips and Regulations.

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[mls_h1]Safety Tips[/mls_h1]

[mls_h2]1. Do not Drive into the “Staff Only” Parking Lot.[/mls_h2]

Encourage children to walk or walk from appropriate stopping/parking zones, cycle or take transit.

[mls_h2]2. No U-Turns and No Backing Up [/mls_h2]

Drivers should not make “u-turns” or “back up” their vehicle in a school zone. It is difficult for drivers making a “u-turn” or “backing up” to see small children crossing the street. “U-turns” can be confusing and dangerous for children as they may not be able to anticipate such irregular vehicular movements.

[mls_h2]3. Watch Carefully for Approaching Traffic when Crossing[/mls_h2]

Parents should teach children to look left, right and left again and always make eye contact with drivers of approaching vehicles before crossing the road. The practice of making eye contact with drivers is to ensure that the driver has seen the pedestrian and has the intention of stopping. Pedestrians should continue watching for traffic as they cross the road. It is important for children to learn not to assume that all drivers will stop.

[mls_h2]4. Prepare for the Unexpected[/mls_h2]

It is difficult for children to see approaching traffic when they are attempting to cross the road between parked cars. Respect the speed limit, prepare for the unexpected and obey parking/stopping regulations.

Safety Reminders:

  • Plan ahead and be alert of children.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Do not block buses or use designated “Staff Only” parking.

[mls_h1]Safety Regulations[/mls_h1]

[mls_h2]No Parking/No Stopping during posted times[/mls_h2]

A traffic safety committee has been formed to increase student safety and parents will notice a change in signage and enforcement.
parkingsign1-02“NO STOPPING SCHOOL DAYS”
These signs designate the zones where vehicles are not permitted to stop under any circumstances. These zones are kept clear to provide good sight lines for drivers to see students and students to see drivers.

parkingsign2-03“NO PARKING SCHOOL DAYS”
These signs designate the zones for active picking up and dropping off of students. Do not park and leave the vehicle in these zones. By parking in a “No Parking” zone, a driver could be causing traffic congestion and obstructing the visibility of other drivers and  pedestrians.
Please note that there is now no stopping on Shone/Percy as established by the District of North Vancouver.



[mls_h2]School/Playground Speed 30km/hr[/mls_h2]

parkingsign3-04Travel at 30 km/hr or less near a school from 8:00am – 5:00pm on school days and near a playground from dawn to dusk every day. Traveling at 30 km/hr or less near a school or playground increases the ability of a driver to stop his/her vehicle to allow a child to cross the road safely.





[mls_h2]Stop for Pedestrians[/mls_h2]

Drivers are required to give pedestrians the right-of-way. Pedestrian danger areas in the Dorothy Lynas school zone are the cross way at the entrance of the teacher parking lot, the north end of Shone Road and north side of Percy Road where “No Stopping” regulations are posted but not always followed.
Safety Regulation Reminders:

  • Please slow down!
  • In zones signed, “No Stopping”, vehicles
  • are not permitted to cease motion.
  • When dropping children off in a school
  • “No Parking” zone, stop briefly and allow
  • your passenger to exit the vehicle onto a
  • sidewalk.
  • And finally, talk to your children about
  • traffic safety.

Happy and Safe return to school everyone!

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  1. The tips you have shared will definitely help drivers to be safe on the roads and drop school children home safely. I will forward this valuable information to all my friends for their reference.

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