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Each year, the PAC works with the school’s administrators, teachers, and parents to identify priorities for spending the fundraising dollars that have been raised. A formal budget is approved each May for spending the following school year.

For the past few years the PAC has identified needs in two key areas:

After a brief technology hiatus, 2011 marked the beginning of a multi-year plan to make technology easily accessible to students. We began by purchasing an iPad for each teacher’s classroom so that they could learn how to use the new technology and develop teaching methods for their classroom. In 2014/2015, a plan will be developed to continue putting technology in the hands of the students to help achieve learning outcomes.

In support of the goals set out in the Dorothy Lynas School Plan, spending priorities will include:

  1. increasing literacy skills through the purchase of home reading books and library books that highlight the reading/writing connection.
  2. improving students’ leadership skills through workshops and events.
  3. improving students’ sense of social responsibility through performing artists who discuss and demonstrate social responsibility.

Any donation is greatly appreciated in helping to make Dorothy Lynas a wonderful school and learning environment for our children. Please consider supporting the PAC’s fundraising goals in one of the following ways:

By Cheque: Print and complete this form to accompany your donation cheque and submit both together to the school office in a sealed envelope, to drop in the locked PAC donation box. (If you require a tax receipt, for donations greater than $25, please indicate this on the form.) Please make cheques payable to Dorothy Lynas PAC.


Online: Submit your donation via the NVSD’s School Cash Online secure payment site.

(In the Gift Information section, select your Fund Destination to be either DOROTHY LYNAS or DOROTHY LYNAS – PAC, as desired. A tax receipt will be emailed.)

Indeed, there are other ways to help beyond writing a cheque!

  • Volunteer your time at the school, particularly for those activities that support a fundraising initiative (e.g., Fun Food Days, the Seycove Auction, etc.)
  • Attend the school Spirit Events and spend your discretionary dollars there while having fun with your kids. Net proceeds from each event support the PAC’s fundraising goals.
  • Purchase Hot Lunches for your children (Fun Food Days) and consider making a donation when you check out during that process.

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