Fundraising at Dorothy Lynas

Fundraising is vital to the ongoing growth of the École Dorothy Lynas Elementary School and provides a wonderful opportunity for community building.  Fundraising provides our school with the financial means to acquire and/or upgrade equipment, supplies, material and programs beyond normal assistance covered by the District and Province. The additional funds are an investment in our school to enhance programs, policies, and activities; and to provide a better learning environment for our children.

fundraising jar

Our primary sources of fundraising is through:

Based on feedback from surveys, parents liked the flexibility and simplicity of participating in one or two fundraisers per year (versus several small fundraisers throughout the year) or the option to write a cheque via the Annual Cheque Drive. The PAC also organizes one time fundraisers (such as the Kids Art Card project) to test it’s appeal and success. Fundraising initiatives are distinct from Spirit Events, which are meant to be community building events that either break even financially or help raise money for designated causes.

Where does the Fundraising money go?

In recent years, fundraising dollars were spent in the following areas:

  • Technology: iPads and projector equipment

  • Performance Art programs for assembly

  • Student subsidies (for events, field trips) and scholarships

  • Library books and home reading books

  • Playground improvements and maintenance

  • First Aid and Emergency Preparedness supplies, Safe Teen program

  • Student Empowerment (Dragon Lunches, peer counselors, etc.)

  • Gym equipment (and mats) and school team jerseys

  • Equipment for the music room

  • Teacher support: consumable class materials.

 There is an ongoing need for these expenditures every year.  The PAC is proud to support our school and is immensely grateful to all the families for their generous donations and the volunteers who put in the time to implement the programs.

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