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Seycove Auction tickets & volunteers!



Round up your posse and get those tickets before they’re all gone. The Seycove Auction is just ’round the corner and you don’t want to miss it.

Theme: Wild West
Venue: Seycove Secondary Gym
Date: Saturday February 24, 2018
Time: 6pm to midnight
Silent Auction: 6pm to 10pm
Live Auction: 8:30pm
Band/dancing: 9pm
Food: deliciously prepared by Smoke and Bones

Buying Tickets

Tickets are on sale now! $50 for the dinner, dance & auction. Tables of 10 can be purchased for $500. Tickets can be paid in cash or by cheques written to “Seycove PAC”.
For questions, e-mail Lisa Hammermeister at

Volunteer During the Event

Come help with the Auction Tables, the Buffet, Clean-up, Bartend for a few hours, or work the Ticket table, e-mail Thank you!

Where The Funds Go

The proceeds from the Seycove Auction are split evenly between Seycove Secondary, Cover Cliff, Dorothy Lynas and Sherwood Park and scholarships for graduates. The Seycove Auction made just under $40,000 in 2017 and each school received $8000. We are trying to make more money this year so please donate items to our silent auction!

Each School’s Parent Advisory Council decides where they will direct the efforts of the event. Funds raised by the auction have supported the following: Technology hardware and software; Teaching resources and equipment; Music and Drama programs; Sports and Athletic programs; Library resources; Awards ceremonies; Playground Equipment and Club activities.

The DL Click Campaign begins now!

Welcome to the PAC 2017/18 Click Campaign!  

As a result of discussions amongst and feedback from the PAC, DL Administration, Staff and Students over the past several months, we have been able to develop a list of the needs and wants at our school. We have also taken into consideration the ask that we limit the number of times within a year we fundraise and that when we do, we provide as much context as possible about why we are doing so and where our dollars will be spent. Keeping all this in mind, we are very excited to announce our inaugural Click Campaign!

The Campaign will run online from Tuesday, October 10th to Friday, November 10th, 2017. Funds collected will go toward the following:

  1. New PA System : Our current mobile Public Address or “PA” system comprised of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and related equipment is outdated. The equipment currently used by the Tech Team is cumbersome, finicky and much of the time inaudible. The quality of public speaking and artistic performances is sacrificed when we have outdated microphones and speakers: it is unfair for staff, students, guests and performers when they cannot be heard and it is not efficient for the PAC to sponsor performers who cannot convey their talents due to outdated audio equipment.  We are excited that through the Click Campaign, we will be able to invest in a state of the art mobile PA system that will serve our school community for years to come and will ensure that the true voices of our students will shine!
  2. Enrichment Programs that will complement the foundational learning provided at DL and allow our students to be exposed to a multitude of learning and growth opportunities that will serve them in a variety of ways allowing for enhanced skill sets, confidence and a passion for personal growth.
  3. Ongoing investments in technology that enhance our school environment and allow our students access to smart learning solutions. We have made significant investments in technology over the past few years and our aim is to continue building upon these investments to allow our students the very best opportunity to succeed in a world that requires digital proficiency and confidence.

Starting today, we invite you to donate any amount that suits your family’s budget (no amount is too small or for that matter too big, we simply hope to engage as many families as possible).

  • Just hit the red CLICK HERE button above to go directly to the NVSD #44 School Cash Online page
  • In the Gift Information section select your FUND AMOUNT and make sure your FUND DESTINATION is DOROTHY LYNAS – PAC
  • In the Message to the School Board – please enter DL CLICK CAMPAIGN
  • ADD TO CART, review information and click CONTINUE until you have completed your payment.
  • For those who prefer it, we will also accept cheques made payable to the Dorothy Lynas PAC and in the subject: Click Campaign. Please deposit this into the box labelled CLICK CAMPAIGN at the front office.

We thank you in advance for your participation and we invite you to watch the CLICK CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISING GAUGE in the front entrance at DL as we come together as a strong and supportive school community!

Any questions or concerns, please email the PAC at

Required: Skills & Talent + New PAC Events Calendar + New PAC Exec

We are thrilled to announce we’ve doubled in size! Thank you to all those who attended our first PAC Meeting and PAC AGM – we welcomed many returning parents and hosted some new families too. A productive & positive discussion lead to some great new ideas for the coming year and AGM elections saw us double the size of our PAC Executive!

Your new PAC Executive Members are:

  • Chairperson – Rahim Rajan
  • Co-Vice Chairpersons – Jason Brunelle + Suzanne Siemens
  • Treasurer – Wayne Audette
  • Secretary – Shaireen Sayani
  • Members At Large – Sophie Hsia, Kerry Smith, Giulia Desrochers, Shari Virjee Tanada, Kim Grimwood

Welcome to our new members and we look forward to another productive year ahead.


REQUIRED ASAP!  Skills + Talent

Parents, grandparents + caregivers we are looking to fill the following roles on the PAC. The work can be done from the comfort of your own workspace and we guarantee you won’t spend more than 5 hours per month on any of these roles:

  1. Volunteer Coordinator – This year, we will be linking Volunteer Spot to our DL PAC Website. It is a handy tool where we have already uploaded our DL Volunteer Board. With so many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year all we ask is that you administer the site a few times per month to ensure we have enough parents/students signed up to run their upcoming event. Contact Shaireen Sayani, PAC Secretary & Communications for more details.
  2. Design – While we find this blog post and our DL PAC website handy ways to keep parents informed, not all families (nor are any students) signed up to receive our PAC communications digitally. Occasionally we send out flyers via student Agendas to guarantee that all parents have been included in our PAC communications. We need the talent of a Design Coordinator to create these flyers along with posters that can be hung around the school and/or within the community. Sharing is caring and keeps our DL Community well informed. For more details contact Suzanne Siemens, PAC Co-Vice Chairperson (Update: someone has now volunteered)
  3. Marketing – We would like to have a Marketing Coordinator who could provide the necessary expertise and experience to ensure we are utilizing the most effective ways to create an awareness of and promote the various events, programs and opportunities that exist at DL. The Marketing Coordinator will work closely with both our PAC Communications Coordinator & Design Coordinator to ensure we are optimizing our efforts.
  4. SpiritWear Coordinator – Twice a year (Nov + Feb) we will be selling our fantastic DL logo hoodies, athletic gear + water bottles. We have all the items stored at the school, we just need a Coordinator to organizer on-site viewings for sizing, launch the ready-to-go online order system, and confirm the final numbers with our supplier. The system set up and flow is already done for you – we just need your supervision and organization! (Update: someone has now volunteered to lead this but others are always welcome to help.)

Please contact our PAC Chair, Rahim Rajan at if you are interested in any of the roles and/or if you would like to learn more about any of the roles. We thank you for your consideration!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the following parents who have taken on these PAC Roles:

  • Grace Nacorda – PAC Bookkeeper
  • Ursula Steidl – Coordinator, Annual Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Katie Gaydon – Coordinator, Art Cards & SpiritWear
  • Kim Grimwood – DL Chairperson, Seycove Auction
  • Heather Dempsey – DL Traffic Liaison
  • Giulia Desrochers – Head Class Rep
  • Jane Tom – Family of Schools Rep
  • Norisa Anderson – Design
  • Natalya Crump – Website

We simply could not do what we do without the contributions and collective effort of our volunteer community at DL!



Calendar of Events for 2017/18

A great and insightful discussion at the PAC Meeting involved parents seeking clarity on which DL events/programs are considered Spirit Events and which events are considered Fundraisers.

Fundraising Activities and Events are designed to raise funds for the PAC to be disbursed to support programs like the Transportation Fund, technology, programs that enrich a students experience and scholarships as well as in classroom (including the library) material support. A volunteer team leads these fundraising programs (and the PAC is always looking for someone to lead this each year). Fundraising activities for 2017/18 include: Fun Foods (year round), the Click Campaign (Oct 2017 – details to follow soon), Art Cards (Nov 2017), Grade 7 Movie Night (Jan 2018) and the Seycove Auction (Spring 2018).

Spirit Events are hosted by the PAC with the goal to build school and community spirit; these events are not fundraisers but rather designed to simply be self-funding. Spirit Events for 2017/18 include: the Welcome Back Social (Oct 2017), Bingo Night (Feb 2018- new this year!) and the Spring Carnival (May 2018). NOTE: SpiritWear is now considered a Spirit Initiative – we feel it is important for all families to be able to participate in wearing the school logo with pride if they choose to and accordingly pricing for all SpiritWear products will be set on a cost recovery basis only.


HELP! We have only 5 Class Reps out of 24 Classes! Please approach your homeroom Teacher and sign up to help.

Save the Date: Fri Oct 27th is our first Spirit Event of the year – Gr 2 + 3 families are planning a fun night for all – details to follow soon!

Traffic + Dogs + Windsor Gala + Costume Swap

Happy October! The leaves are changing colours, the nights are getting cooler and hopefully you have found your Fall groove 🙂


We are just the messenger! You may notice a No Dogs Allowed sign outside the annex.

We love your dogs and we understand they are part of your family – unfortunately the District of North Vancouver Parks Department regulations pertaining to dogs in Municipal parks and recreational areas states: Dogs ARE PROHIBITED on playgrounds, picnic areas, playing fields, beaches, fitness circuits, running tracks, golf courses, bowling greens, tennis courts, skate board bowls and multi-purpose facilities.

Also, as our school property flows into Indian River Park, please note DOGS ARE PROHIBITED EXCEPT ON LEASH.

If your dog does accompany you on your daily drop off or pick up, we ask that you keep him/her on a leash. More importantly, we ask that you find a location 20-30 m from the playground or playing fields as your drop off/pick up point. That way we are all respectful of District bylaws and families with dogs can still participate in the morning and afternoon walking ritual.

NOTE: Assistance Dogs are NOT subject to the above regulations. Thank you for your understanding!


A message from our Family of Schools: Windsor Secondary Gala Event

Windsor Secondary School’s 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala takes place on Saturday, October 14th from 6 pm -12 Midnight. Join in for a fun filled evening that includes dinner, dancing, cash bar and a fabulous live band. Plus, a silent auction AND delicious cake/dessert auction that will generate a great deal of excitement, just like last year!

Proceeds raised from the Fundraiser will directly benefit Windsor’s entire grade 8 to 12 student community by enhancing, upgrading and replacing information computer technology (ICT).

The event is expected to be attended by 200-250 parents and members of the community.

Please show your support by attending! It will be an amazing time!

Get your 2017 Gala Tickets here! Gala Ticket includes reserved seating, buffet dinner & dancing.


Traffic! We ask all DL families to review this important information.

Parents we understand that mornings can be hectic but we urge you to allow for extra time in the mornings to avoid rushing, to prevent speeding and to respect these signs for the fairness and safety of all DL families and students.

A Traffic Safety Committee was formed 4 years ago at DL to increase driver awareness and student safety. Please review and understand the following signage placed on Inlet Crescent and Shone Rd/Percy Ct.



These signs designate the zones where vehicles are not permitted to stop under any circumstances. These zones are kept clear to provide good sight lines for drivers to see students and students to see drivers.





These signs designate the zones for active pick up and drop off of students. Do not park and leave the vehicle in these zones. By parking in a “No Parking” zone, a driver could be causing traffic congestion and obstructing the visibility of other drivers and pedestrians.
Please note that there is now no stopping on Shone/Percy as established by the District of North Vancouver. Bylaw officers now frequent the area to enforce these regulations.





Travel at 30 km/hr or less near a school from 8:00am – 5:00pm on school days and near a playground from dawn to dusk every day.

Traveling at 30 km/hr or less near a school or playground increases the ability of a driver to stop his/her vehicle to allow a child to cross the road safely.




Safety Regulation Reminders:

  • Please slow down!
  • Do not enter the Staff Parking Lot at any time.
  • In zones signed, “No Stopping”, vehicles are not permitted to cease motion.
  • When dropping children off in a school “No Parking” zone, stop briefly and allow your passenger to exit the vehicle onto a sidewalk.
  • And finally, talk to your children about traffic safety.

Thank you for your attention!


REMINDER!! Wednesday, October 4th is the DL Costume Swap in the MPR from 2:00-4:00 pm.

Its easy! Trade an old costume for a new one OR simply donate a twoonie and take a costume home with you.

MPR doors will be open at 2 pm for parents, grandparents or caregivers to come by and take a peek. Then bring your child by the MPR at 3 pm and make your selection.

Volunteers are still needed to help set up costumes, assist children with sizes & styles and clean up – please contact  if you can offer some time 🙂

Seycove Auction volunteer request + Feb 21 PAC meeting cancelled

Hello DL families,

Our dedicated team of Seycove auction volunteers need your help! They are short a number of volunteers for a few brief shifts on Friday March 3rd, Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 4th. Please see the attached flyer for details to lend your support to an important fundraiser supporting the Seycove family of schools. You do not need to purchase a ticket to attend and help.

Also, this is to confirm that our monthly PAC meeting, scheduled for February 21st, has been cancelled. The next meeting is in April.


Dorothy Lynas PAC Executive


Friday March 3

Bar Setup 11:00-1:00pm

(2 people)

Silent Auction setup (Friday) 4:00-6:00pm

(4 people)

Saturday March 4

Food Prep (3/4 people) 3.00 – 5.30pm

Food runners/clean up (4 people)


50/50 table ticket sales 7:30-9:30pm

(2 people)

Silent Auction Handout Table 10pm- midnight (2


Bar ticket sales, 8:30-10:00pm (2 people)

Bar ticket sales, 10-midnight (2 people)

Cleanup, midnight – 2 am (6 people)

Table Clean up – 8:00-9:00 (2 people)

Table Clean up – 9:00-10:00 (2 people)

Table Clean up – 10:00-11:00 (2 people)

Table Clean up – 11:00-12:00 (2 people)

Bartenders 6-7:30pm (2 people)

Bartenders 8:30-10:00pm (2 people)

Bartenders 10-1:00am (2 people)

Sunday March 5

Bar, etc. Storage at high school 12:00-3:00pm

(2 people – heavy bar)

E-mail Sarah at:

REMINDER: Get your pizza and snacks pre-ordered this weekend for French Movie Night Fri Feb 17th

REMINDER! Please finalize your pre-orders for pizza, popcorn and treats this weekend at Parents – slight change here – you have until Tuesday Feb 14th to get your orders in so we can get our snack supplies and pizza’s pre-ordered.

Gym doors open at 5:30 with the movie starting promptly at 6:00 pm. Come early to get your seats – chairs, mats and benches are first come, first serve (blankets and your own camping chairs are totally acceptable) – and to pick up your pre-ordered food. Vous allez être surpris de notre sélection du film!

RAFFLE ALERT! For each food order above $50, we will be putting your name in a draw for a movie ticket + combo package. Another movie night for 3 lucky winners – ON US!


Enjoy the Family Day long weekend – see you Tuesday February 14th!

Seycove Gala tickets & details and Parents with Fun Foods order delays

 Its the 35th Anniversary of the Seycove Auction! How Can You Help? Join Us! March 4th in the Seycove Gym. Tickets are on sale Feb 1st – $50 Dinner, Dance, Live and Silent Auction, e-mail:

ALSO…Do you have some special skill you can offer as an auction item? Something you can make? Hockey tickets you can’t use? Something from your work to donate? E-mail Heather Daoust at or… download our donation brochure on and leave your donation with your school front desk. Thank you in advance!

Have you thought about helping the committee for the auction? We can use some help with jobs the night of the Event, e.g. bartending and selling tickets. We are also looking for a Treasurer, Setup help on March 3rd and Cleanup help on March 5th.

We’ll be happy to e-mail you the list of jobs we need to fill, e-mail


Fun Foods Lunch Program: It has come to our attention that there are concerns regarding disruption of service for some families in the Fun Foods lunch program. Upon review of the situation we have discovered there are accounts which have not received final payment on their orders, thus service is suspended until the accounts are paid in full. We kindly ask DL families who are experiencing this delay to review your Munch-a-Lunch account to confirm your payments have been made.  Parents if your child does not receive a lunch and you have paid for it, please ask your child to communicate this to the Gr 7 delivery volunteer who will direct them to the kitchen where we always have extra items they can take with them. Any parents experiencing issues which are not payment related we ask that you please contact us directly at so that we can address each of your concerns individually.

The PAC Executive extends their gratitude to the Fun Foods Teams past and present for their continued service over the years. Many new families may not realize that we have gone from a manual paper/pen ordering system to an online order & payment system in a matter of a few short years all due to the efforts and commitment from 4-5 Leaders plus a small handful of Volunteers each year who service over 250 students weekly.

Between meeting the vendors, creating menus that meet various dietary needs, ordering the food, shopping for snacks and beverages, prepping bins, organizing parent and Gr 7 volunteers to sort and deliver each bin weekly (with the correct food, beverages, condiments and utensils!), printing reports/labels for food items and paying the vendors on time it is astounding what 4-5 Team Leaders can accomplish.  Together this team brings in $20,000 in funds that are critical to our annual fundraising efforts. 100% of these funds come back to our students and school in the form of new technology, creative arts performances, speakers at assemblies & sporting and DPA equipment, to name just a few items.

We continue to encourage all DL parents and grandparents to donate their time and energy to this much needed Volunteer led program – we welcome your contribution. Without you we cannot sustain this program!


Movie Night is only one sleep away! Thank you DL Parents for pre-ordering your food, treats and beverages – you have made it that much easier for the Gr 7 Parents and Students to organize the event. See you Friday!

Pizza, popcorn & treats: Movie Night #1 pre-sale now open!

Get your pizza, popcorn and treats! The first of 2 DL Family Movie Nights will take place Friday Feb 3rd (English film).  Order & pre-pay for your pizza, popcorn, beverages and treats via Go to the Fundraising Open! tab and order away! This year bigger groups can take advantage of ordering a whole pizza along with combo treat packs. The site is open for orders Wed Jan 25th to Wed Feb 1st only!

Then with blanket in hand (and onesies for all ages!) we will see you Friday Feb 3rd – gym doors open at 5:30 with the movie starting promptly at 6:00 pm. Come early to get your seats – chairs, mats and benches are first come, first serve – and to pick up your pre-ordered food.

Please note: there is limited extra food for purchase on-site as we order based on pre-sales.

And to the many students who have been asking which film will be shown – there is an element of surprise – it is DL tradition that we announce the movie at the event!

This event is for all grades and the whole family is invited to join (note: this is not a drop off event – parents must accompany children in Gr K-6).  Our Gr 7’s are organizing and hosting the event to help raise funds for their various field trips and farewell events later this school year. Come out to support our Gr 7’s  while enjoying treats & a free movie among our wonderful DL Community.

French Film night will take place Friday Feb 17th with a similar format – food pre-sales will begin Wed Feb 8th. Come to one or come to both – you decide!  See you soon!


Seycove Auction News! Seycove Gala & Auction tickets go on sale Wed Feb 1st. Tickets will be $50 each or $500 per table. Tickets do go fast and this event sells out each year since it has been held at Seycove Secondary  School – so mark your calendars, get your groups organized and get out your pyjamas (adult style!). For more information visit


Gr 7 Parents: Save these dates plus Seycove Sponsorships & Gymsense funding

auction-pyjama-party-logo-with-arial-copy_300wPyjama time…. adult style! Saturday March 4th is the annual Seycove Gala and this year’s theme is Pyjama Party. There are many sponsorship opportunities available that will get the name of your company up front and centre in a variety of ways. For further details click here.

Recognized sponsors will have first choice of table seating and tickets! Please note deadline for sponsorship is January 20th to guarantee your logo will be included on the road signs. For more information please contact


important-datesGr 7 Parents – you don’t want to miss these important dates!

January 12th – Grade 7/8 Transition and Enhanced Programs Evening, 7:00 pm – 09:00 pm at Sutherland Secondary School, 1860 Sutherland Avenue, North Vancouver BC to inform families of the variety of program choices for Grade 8 in North Vancouver secondary schools.  Carpool if you can – this is a district wide event so expect a full house!

January 17th – Seycove Secondary: Performance Learning Program (PLP) for current Grade 7 families interested in enrolling their students for Grade 8, 7:00 pm – 8:30.

January 24th – Seycove Secondary: Parent Information evening regarding Grade 7/8 transition (time TBA)

February 8th – Windsor Secondary: Parent information evening regarding Grade 7/8 transition (time TBA)



To our DL Families and local community, we thank you all for your donations, volunteer time and fundraising efforts in 2016.

Your generosity has enabled the PAC to fund this year’s Gymsense program. The benefit of such programs to our students is immense – they challenge themselves each week to try skills they might not otherwise attempt and are able to improve their flexibility and strength over a 6 week period.

Your volunteer efforts and financial contributions play an important role in bringing these programs to DL so please keep up the great work!

Mark your 2017 January/February calendar before you forget……

  • Jan 20 – Curriculum day – no school
  • Jan 24 – PAC Meeting, 7-8 pm in the MPR
  • Jan 25 – 2 pm early dismissal
  • Feb 3 Movie Night – English film – come support our Gr 7’s as they fundraise (pizza and treats for purchase) for their farewell events
  • Feb 13 Family Day – no school
  • Feb 17  Movie Night – French film – come support our Gr 7’s as they fundraise (pizza and treats for purchase) for their farewell events