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Appeal for support for River Woods housing co-op

Date: May 14, 2015 Author: PAC Fundraising Categories: Announcements, Get Involved 2

The Dorothy Lynas community is amazing and it is inspiring to see the number of people who have stepped up to dedicate their time and resources to helping our friends in need.

Financial assistance: The River Woods housing cooperative is actively seeking financial assistance to help those displaced by the fire get set up in their temporary accommodations. BlueShore Financial has set up a trust account to assist those affected by the fire. Donations can be made to Trust Account #93052998.



The River Woods Cooperative has also set up an online Fundraising campaign HERE with a goal to raise $26,000. 


Housing opportunities & other support: With dozens of families affected by the fire, the need for housing is great. If you have information about temporary housing opportunities on the North Shore, please email Parkgate Community Services Society at: Please provide: Your name, E-mail, Phone number and information of the housing information you have (or other ways you wish to support the affected residents)


Community Support Group on Facebook: For community members wanting to reach out and help families affected by River Woods fire, there is also a Facebook group for coordinating support. You can join and follow the discussions of the group by sending a request to join. Community Support for River Woods Housing Co-operative on Facebook.

riverwoods facebook

This Facebook page is regularly posting updates on current needs (including requests for volunteers and furniture) of the affected families. For those who do not use Facebook, the River Woods Housing Co-operative group has also set up an email address where you can email with offers of help, donations etc. at

Thank you all for your caring and generous support!

2 Comments: "Appeal for support for River Woods housing co-op"

  1. Published by: anne lerpiniere Date: September 21, 2015


    I was one of the 6 families allowed to move back in on September 10th. I lived in 5 different places since May 7th and I feel blessed that my home was saved by a firewall. I want to thank everyone for the toiletries, gift certificates and general well being to be in such a wonderful community of Parkgate.

  2. Published by: anne lerpiniere Date: September 21, 2015


    I want to thank all of the community who so generously donated clothing, food and toiletries plus gift certificates. I was so blessed to have been one of the families to be moved back in to my home. I was in five different places since May 7th and was in VGH Tertiary care from June 26th to September 10th. I am so glad to b e home as I have lived here for 35 years. I am a Founding Member of this Co-op.

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