Support for families affected by the fire

Our hearts and prayers go to everyone affected by the fire on Hamber Place last night. We know there will be a strong outpouring of support by our community.

Please know that the North Vancouver School District is working on a comprehensive plan for support. The DL PAC is waiting for instructions from the school to best coordinate how we as a community can help. Please stay tuned to find out how you can help, as we know how strong this community is!


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  1. stephanie says:

    They’re in need of towels and blankets . Men’s clothing and teen clothing for girls and boys

    • Gina Bell says:

      What about housewares, toys, little kids’ stuff and women’s clothes? Will we be collecting donations at school or would it be better to drop stuff off to complex? Do any of the affected families have very young children?

      • Suzanne Siemens says:

        Yes, I believe the adjacent Riverwoods complex Common Room (off Brockton) is accepting donations of essential items for baby and kids this weekend. Nothing is being collected at the school at this time. We are awaiting instructions from the District.

  2. Suzanne Siemens says:

    Yes, I’ve heard that they are accepting donations in the Commons Room of your complex. Thanks Stephanie!

  3. Suzanne Siemens says:

    A meeting was held this afternoon by the North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) to coordinate the support response, including community social support services and representatives from insurance agencies. The response to date has been well coordinated and very caring. Please stay tuned for more updates.

  4. dlpacweb says:

    From an email exchange with Principal Arlie Thompson, here’s the latest as of May 9th morning:

    The School District met on Friday with residents of the housing complex and Emergency and Social Service Agencies. Parkgate Community Services Society will be taking the lead in identifying areas of need and levels of support. The Society is working with the co-op community to develop and co-ordinate a plan. It is likely that more information about how to contribute to those efforts will be forthcoming next week.

    • Gina Bell says:

      We dropped our donations off today to the Commons area ( turn onto Hamber Pl). They were very organized with many people unpacking boxes and sorting. People were directing traffic and bringing wheelbarrows to cars, so the effort is clearly coordinated. They seem to be accepting everything — we took linens, clothing, toys , books and housewares; they had tables for each. I saw people taking small furniture as well. It was heartbreaking, really: people were very emotional and appreciative of community support.

  5. dlpacweb says:

    From the NVSD email sent to parents on May 10th:

    Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

    This is a follow-up message to an earlier communication that was sent to families in the Seymour area following a fire at a residential complex.

    The outpouring of support from the community towards those residents affected by the fire at the River Woods Housing Cooperative on Thursday, May 7, 2015 has been a wonderful testament to the strength of our community.

    BlueShore Financial has set up a trust account to assist those affected by the fire. Donations can be made to Trust Account #93052998.

    Parkgate Community Services Society is working closely with the victims of the fire and coordinating support services. Information is available on the Parkgate Community Services Society website at:

    PCSS asks that further offers of support by the community be e-mailed to the Parkgate Community Services Society at:

    Please provide:
    Your name
    Phone number and
    Details of what or how you wish to support residents.

    PCSS extends its appreciation to the community for the support that has been offered to the families at the River Woods Housing Cooperative.

  6. dlpacweb says:

    There is also an active Facebook group where those wanting to offer support can find out the latest about events, needs, volunteer opportunities, etc. Check it out:
    (Community Support for River Woods Housing Co-operative)

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